Anonymous asked: The transcendent thoughts that glitter through the morning gloom dig into my mind and pierce the faith that used to be common in such a life. I did not think that time could ever fade so fast as if competing for your gaze. Did I hope for that shimmer I see in your eyes at dawn to be transferred onto me. As did the moon, so too do you disappear into the night. Thoughts never lack to inspire the darker of the living - or more do the simply breathing through seconds. Love your blog <3

Thank you for the poem, it’s beautiful. Really. I love it. :D 

but what it is for? and why are ano? haha
Giving Birth To A Wolf by Royla Asghar
I am writing a new series of poetry called: The Astronomy Series. It&#8217;s coming out very soon. I am so excited.

Ruling the world by Royla Asghar
Baby, tell me lies  by Royla Asghar (old poem)
You Keep Me Up All Night by Royla Asghar (old poem)

Anonymous asked: do the people you write about know you are writing about them xD

I think so, I don’t tell them directly but they kind of figure it out themselves. But if I write about a good friend of mine, I usually tell them. It depends. haha :) 

Shut Up And Stop Saying His Name  by Royla Asghar

Anonymous asked: your poetry is heartbreaking :O

thank you, i guess :) 


Anonymous asked: today in creative writing class, I put your poetry on the sidewalk of my high school

omg, i am speechless… thank you so much! i am so flattered :O <3 omg thank you

why are you anonymous though :( 


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