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Cry, pretty baby cry
while I am with
the boys
getting high.

  The Short Poems Series by Royla Asghar  
brontide-and-the-bull: Your poems have a certain provocative nature to them, that make each one read like a dream. I have a poetry blog as well, and im curious whether you have done open mics/slams before or are interested? Also, what is your personal writing process?

I honestly love your opinion, darling. Thanks a lot. 

No, I haven’t done any open mics or something like that, and I am not really interested in doing it actually, I have this rule or vision in my head that I will never actually read my poetry out loud, I don’t know why really…

I am bit confused by the second question but I hope I get it right.

I’ve had this blog for about 2 years now, and I started off pretty quietly, I just posted my work and hoped that there will be people who’d read it and like it. And I just went from there. When it comes to my writing, I get better at it when I socialize with people. It’s weird but you have to be pretty social as a writer I believe, cause you need to get inspired. And I just write every time my soul screams, basically.   

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Do not turn me into a monster.
If you put your ear up to my heart, and hear the dark beast that sleeps inside of me; you would think twice before you challenge me if I can destroy you. Because I know, it wants out to breathe the human air and feed itself with fear. I have so many scratches on my heart because of it. Always fighting with me to let it out.

Do not turn me into a monster.
Because once I let it out, the jungle in my heart will froze and there will be no sun shining in my head no more. Only diamonds of ice that will crave human blood. Passion runs through my veins as if it is supposed to win a marathon but once I change passion will run through my veins as if it is on a spree killing.

Do not turn me into a monster.
I love, I love, I love. That is what I feed the dark beast but God; we all know hate and revenge taste just a bit more luxurious. I cannot afford paying such a high price but I adore what it lives inside of me. I do not mind stealing brains and souls when the animal inside of me is hungry. I will love you, oh my Goodness will I love you… but damn I would hate you even better.

  Turn Me Into A Monster by Royla Asghar  
thegentlemanskeleton: Hey i just started a poetry blog and I saw your work. Your words are so beautiful and I simple wanted to tell you that. People like you are why I keep writing. Peoples favorite words interest me a great deal because everyone can interpret a word differently and that gives it a different meaning for them. So I was just wondering if you had any favorite words in particular?

Hello! Thank you so much for your sweetness. 

Favorite words would be:

  • Madness
  • Darkness
  • Glamour 
  • Exotic
  • Tragedy 
  • Poetry
  • Veins

I love your blog by the way. :*

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spookyautumnpumpkins: Are you a girl or a boy?

A girl

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It is something about
that makes me wanna
taste it.
Darling, I want to eat you alive.

  He’s So Lovely And Lonely by Royla Asghar  
I want you to
be by every
dark thought I will ever have.

  The Short Poems Series by Royla Asghar  
1. You do not have responsibility for who you were yesterday.
2. Everything in my mind is black and white, and there are only a few people I see in colors. I love those people.
3. You are so used to be treated bad that when somebody treats you good, you get so goddamn terrified. Sometimes scary is good.
4. He did not broke you. Nobody breaks you.
5. I will take care of you when you go mad.
6. I love honesty. I crave it. I am consumed by it.
7. Love is not about throwing up butterflies.
8. If a boy does not love your muchness, then leave.
9. Sometimes I like going against myself to feel the world’s trouble on my skin.
10. Nobody in this world can own me.

  Poetry From My Best Friend’s Mouth by Royla Asghar (via poems-of-madness)  
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Anonymous: can you tell me good poetry blogs?

I’ve answered this question before but I am going to make a new list and then make a page with all my favorite poetry blogs on tumblr. You can thank me later.

Here you go darling. 

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holycolightly: whats ur reason? u know, ur own personal motivation to wear the hijab. Not the 0815 average answer. (Hope u dont mind me asking u, just curious. Btw i adore u xoxo)

I think my motivation was to protect myself, you know. From the bad eyes of this world, I wanted to be a walking mystery for the world. And I love it. That’s the shallow explanation of why I chose to wear it, obviously. 

And I also I realized as I got older that my hijab prevents me from doing bad things, I think twice before I do something because I do not want to affect my hijab in a negative way. 

And obviously the main motivation is the reward I am hoping in the after life. 

No matter what, hijab does necessarily makes you a good person. I still have my sins and mistakes. And that’s what motivates me to keep on wearing it. It makes feel just a less of a bad person. 

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