My name is Royla Asghar. I am a poet. And I own everything on this blog. Let the madness destroy me. This is a side blog. Write to me sometimes. For a better view click on the picture. Also check my FAQ page. completely free
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She devours my poetry and then throws it up into a vomit of words. And she tries to paint them with colors that only exists in my mouth. Somehow, she compares her sadness to mine, and sometimes she would love to possess a madness that only my veins design.

I do not want to be a part of her… I did not create her, but she feels created by my poetry. She uses my poetry as a muse to justify her love, for a boy who lost his heart down the road of a life full of affairs. And I don’t believe in her, because she knows nothing about love nor poetry. Therefore, don’t you use my words for your dirty little lustful heart.

I am not your hustler, and you are not my streetwalker.

  My Poetry Did Not Made You by Royla Asghar  
Anonymous: Favorite poems &or poets?

Oh my God, there are just so many poems but I will copy/paste some of my current favorites: 

I am now in the moments of the great madness,
And you lose your lifetime opportunity,
If you don’t exploit my madness.

– Nizar Qabbani, From the diaries of a mad man.

I have been loving this poem so so much, it’s just a short part but read the whole poem cause it is amazing. And other poems would be: 

'My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness.'
— Virginia Wool
'You see, I have this habit of turning people into poetry before they touch me.'
— valentina thompson
I read a lot of good poetry so there are so many. All time favorite poet, is by far Nizar Qabbani. I just love him so much. Michael Faudet is also too great to be true. Margret Atwood is a dark minded kind of writer and I just love that too. 
There are so many more, I try to find as many poets on Tumblr to follow as possible, cause Goddamn, some people are talented. 
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understandablyuncertain: I read a lot of poetry. I write a lot of poetry too, (most of it remaining unshared for reasons I am sure you understand.) but nothing has hit me as hard as yours does. I have spent hours scrolling your feed today. Among your many inspiring poems I have read this morning, I think my favourite is the one about 6am. I have never thought about things that way. I am guilty of finding inspiration in the 3am lies my mind tells me, rather than the early morning truths. Keep changing the world darling:*

Nothing feels as good as reading poetry, honey. And i surely understand the reasons for not posting some of your poetry ;) 

But I am so so happy, that I’ve changed your view on something. Really, it warms my heart to know that.  

Promise me that you will write a poem at 6 or 7 am in the morning some day soon. 

Lots of love. 

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thevoices-inmyhead: I LOVE your writing! I write too but I never had the courage to post it or anything, I think it's truly amazing what you do! So much respect for you hun! xo

Thank you, darling <3 Please find the courage to post your poetry, trust me it will be worth it, 

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You are nothing
close to a poet,
but the way you lick
your lips
when you see me,
it’s goddamn poetry.

  His Lips Taste Like Poetry by Royla Asghar  
burnthepromise: wow, amazing blog. instant follow! mind checking mine out? :)

thank you :) 

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Anonymous: You are so good in writing down your feelings and turning it into beautiful poems! You're blog is my favorite now hahaha! Don't stop writing and continue to inspire others .x

Thank you. I appreciate your kind words so much. Have a very lovely life, dear. 

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Anonymous: who is the boy you are writing about

He is nobody 

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t0xicist: your blog is fucking amazing i love your poems

oh you made me smile 

thank you 

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blissfulsilence1: Hi I really love what you write it's truly beautiful! I wish I could write half as good as you can :)

Hello, darling :D Thank you and I bet you can write, just try it out. 

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