eldiaabloo said: YOU'RE MY FAV <3 <3


  -  27 July

masquerade-at-dawn said: You are such an inspirational poet. Your words leave my heart feeling rubbed raw, like I've experienced what you're writing even if I haven't. I am so glad I found your blog.

Thank you, love. I am happy to hear I am not alone. 

fortuna-wanderlust said: can you give some advices to write poetry? where do you find inspiration? Sorry for my english

I have answered these question before, check the links before, darling.



Anonymous said: You have used a couple of photos of a girl with dark long hair on your poems. I discussed with my friend, is that you or who is it? And is it the same person? Are these photos set up and have you even taken those yourself? They are very remarkable

The girl with the long dark hair is my friend, and yes it is the same friend I use on every picture. 

The thing with many of pictures that have people on it, is that they don’t know I am taking the picture. Because I want to capture them in a natural situation if you can say so. And many of the pictures with people on, are my friends, I feel like my friends look poetic sometimes, but for the most time I find my friend with dark long hair most poetic. 

It’s actually very creepy being friends with me, because one day you wake up and you find your picture on my blog. And I will never put a picture of myself on a poem of mine, it’s a rule I have. 

And thank you. 

Anonymous said: I. Am. Going. To. Marry. You. 😍

I am going to marry you too. :*

  • i think i will take a break from writing
  • for awhile till
  • inspiration hits me
  • really hard.


Some couple of weeks ago I was asked why I chose science, and especially astronomy as main themes in my poetry. I can admit that science and poetry is an odd combination but that was one of the reasons, why I wanted to write this series of poetry. The Astronomy Series is the first poetry series I wrote and I am very glad with what it turned out to be.

I am a high school student and I have the study line; Science Classic. So the major subjects are math, physics and chemistry. And I don’t know what I am doing… because I definitely don’t belong. I am constantly living with the fear that I will fail high school. Most of the time I don’t even know what we are talking about in class and I am very lost but believe it or not I like it this way. It’s adventurous doing something you are not good at.
I’ve been inspired by my classmates and my physics teacher.

Most of my classmates have a passion for these main subjects at school and I admire that a lot. The way they know all kind of formulas and understand how the universe was made, and such… it’s really inspiring. My teacher really cares about these theories science has to offer, and you can see that in his eyes. He teaches us with a lot of passion and dedication. I think when you see people talking about the things they love, you really do get inspired.

I may not have good grades in physics but I understand physics; not in the way a scientist would but in a way a poet would. And my teacher may never know, but I do pay attention in class.

Look at the poetry I made.


"I was the first heart he broke."

queen-of-the-pack said: You absolutely amaze me to no end, you have inspired me to write again, and I have realized that a poem doesn't have to be 15 lines to be meaningful. Many of your 1 lined poems have had me thinking for days. Thank you for being an amazing poet.

Thank you and I am proud of you, darling. You are so lovely.

Anonymous said: you are so pretty

thank you ;)